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Everything you need to know about parallelGPT
What is Rowy?
Rowy is a low-code platform that enables users to create tables, import and export bulk data, and run GPT processes in parallel. It is fully open source and free, and allows users to connect their own OpenAI API key and Google Cloud Project for secure data storage.
How can I set up Rowy?
To set up Rowy, visit and sign in. Once signed in, you can create a table from scratch or use a template. Detailed instructions on setting up your Rowy project can be found in the video above.
How does Rowy handle bulk processing of ChatGPT tasks?
Rowy allows you to import data in bulk using a CSV file. Once the data is imported to your table, the ChatGPT responses will populate simultaneously, enabling you to process multiple GPT tasks at the same time.
How secure is my data with Rowy?
Rowy stores all your data, prompts, and API keys in your own Firebase project within your Google Cloud Project. This ensures that your data is secure and not accessible by any third-party applications.
Can I tweak the prompt for my specific use case?
Yes the JavaScript/TypeScript code provided in the derivative column of Rowy can be expanded and customized to suit your specific use case. For example, you can modify the system prompt for sentiment analysis or movie reviews, or add any other business logic you need.
How can I invite my team members to collaborate on a Rowy project?
With Rowy, you can easily invite team members to collaborate on your project and set granular access control. This allows you to specify who can view the table, add rows, or perform specific operations.
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