Batch processing
with ChatGPT

Stop querying one-by-one on chat interface. Bulk process ChatGPT tasks in parallel on spreadsheet UI with CSV/JSON import and export.

Use any OpenAI GPT4 or any model that you want from Claude 3, Gemini, and more. Start like no-code, with full coding extensibility.

Rowy spreadsheet UI
Low-code your logic

Add your prompt logic, create powerful AI workflows in low-code

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Clone, tweak, share

Start with a readymade template of database and OpenAI cloud function. Update it anyway

  • Start with a ready to use template, add your OpenAI¬†API¬†Key
  • Tweak the prompt, pick any model - OpenAI¬†GPT4 or any other AI¬†model as you would like and any your logic flow
  • One click shipped API or scheduled job
Rowy templates
custom role based access control

Secure data and access

The data generated is stored on your own Google Cloud project including the API keys which are stored on the Google Secret Manager. You can invite your team with granular access control - viewer only, editor, content creator etc.

  • All your prompts, generated data and API¬†keys - stay on your Google Cloud project securely
  • Collaborate with your team

Try it yourself LIVE

One Click
No Code Template

Rowy spreadsheet UI

Import and Export
CSV or JSON in bulk

Import and export data from csv or json files

Secure AI Workflows connected to your OpenAI Key

Your data is secure on Google Cloud

Make it your own with AI powered low-code. Connect to any model, tools

derivative functions in low-code

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